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Thank you for joining Team Evergreen!

Welcome to the largest and most charitable bike club in the state of Colorado. We are a diverse group of people with a common passion of cycling.

Get the most out of your membership:
JOIN US FOR A RIDE - Meet other team members, try a new route or trail and take advantage of someone else planning where to go and what time to meet. Check out our calendar to catch a ride (March - Oct).

PARTICIPATE in Team Evergreen hosted trips, events and parties. We are dishing up a whole buffet of clinics, parties and trips to keep everyone entertained. Get out there and challenge yourself by entering our flagship event, the Triple Bypass or the legendary Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb.

REGISTER EARLY FOR THE TRIPLE BYPASS - Membership has its privileges and TE members get access to registration a day before it's open to the public.

MEMBER BENEFITS - We have partnered with a number of shops and retailers to give you discounts on merchandise and services. Check out the benefits page on the website.

Welcome to the club, we are so glad you are a member. Please contact if there are any comments, suggestions or ideas to make our team the best it can be.

the past ten years to local charities and cycling organizations!

Team Evergreen Cycling membership

A TE membership provides one year of TE membership for an individual ($30) or a family ($40).

Individual  (contribute at least $ 30.00 to be eligible for this membership)
Team Evergreen Individual Membership  
Family  (contribute at least $ 40.00 to be eligible for this membership)
Team Evergreen Family Membership  

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